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If you’re looking for swing tips or club reviews you’ve come to the wrong place but for serious analysis about the game click any of the shows below.

Risk and Reward

Hosted ByJohn Evans

With so much golf played around the world every week there is no shortage of value betting for the keen punter who does his homework. But for those who don’t have the time, Winning Edge Investments - and their recently…

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TalkinGolf History

Hosted ByConnor Lewis

TalkinGolf was among the very first online audio offerings in the game and after an extended break we’re back. Rebranded as TalkinGolf History, host Connor Lewis focusses on the fun aspects of the game’s past.

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State of the Game

Hosted ByRod Morri, Geoff Shackelford and Mike Clayton

State of the Game was one of the first and is still considered one of the best golf podcasts in the world. Hosted by respected blogger and Golf Channel regular Geoff Shackelford, former European Tour player turned course architect Mike…

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The Good-Good Golf Podcast

Hosted ByDerek Duncan, Adrian Logue & Rod Morri

Podcasting brought them together and now the Good Good Golf Podcast is the result. Hosts Derek Duncan, Adrian Logue and Rod Morri are all avid podcast producers and listeners and after admiring each other’s work from a distance for months…

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The Course Reports

Hosted ByCurt Tyrrell

Of all the people in the golf industry that could comfortably wear the tag ‘under appreciated’, the Course Superintendent is at the top of the list. Some of the most interesting, knowledgeable and passionate people in the game can...

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On The Tee With Dr. P

Hosted ByDr Kelly Price

Golf coverage - but not like you've ever heard it before

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Who We Are

For every host on the TalkinGolf network, golf is much more than a game. They hail from a diverse range of backgrounds including journalism, playing, architecture, commentary, administration and the corporate world but share one common goal: untainted discussion and commentary on every facet of the game.

From the ongoing debate over driving distance at the professional level to the crucial role of public golf in the future health of the game, the TalkinGolf team tells it how it is.

If you’re looking for swing tips and putting advice you’ve come to the wrong place. But if it’s top shelf analysis from the best in the business that stars you then welcome’s to TalkinGolf and we hope you enjoy the ride