From, a podcast that discusses what we love and hate about the game, sport, and business of golf. Frequent topics include golf travel, amateur, competitive, and public golf experiences, golf architecture, and the spirit of the game.

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Blind Shots Podcast Episode 10 – Ru Macdonald of the Scottish Golf Podcast

This is episode 10, a conversation with Ru Macdonald: a Scot, a golfer, an employee of the European Tour, a golf social media influencer, and the owner and proprietor of the Scottish Golf Podcast, which is one of the original podcasts within in the gol…

Blind Shots Podcast Short Game Session 6 – Story Time with Uncle Dave

My friend Rod Morri always laments that the best of conversations occur and the best stories are told “off-air,” once the recordings are finished. He’s right. So today, with Short Game Session #6, I’m bringing you one of my favorite golf trip stories,

Blind Shots Podcast Episode 9 – Ethan Fisher of Golf House KY on the EKU PGA Management Program

Welcome to Episode 9 – This is a conversation with Ethan Fisher of Golf House Kentucky on his experience in the PGA Management Program at Eastern Kentucky University. We discuss this academic program, one specifically designed to prepare students for a…

Blind Shots Podcast Episode 6 – Americans in Scotland Roundtable, Round 1

Welcome to Episode 6 – The Americans in Scotland Round table, Round One. It’s a virtual round table conversation with my Scottish Golf Trip companions, Fred and Matt, discussing our preparations for our Scottish,

Blind Shots Podcast – Short Game Session #5: Kearney Hill, The Old Course, and Great Walks

In this week’s mini-episode, I explore the utter joy of walking a golf course for the sake of a good walk. I’ve been out to Kearney Hill Golf Links in Lexington taking very amateur pictures of the course for a blog project.

Blind Shots Podcast Episode 5 – Peter Schmitt of the Eternal Summer Golf Society

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Blind Shots Podcast! In this episode I interview my friend Peter Schmitt of the Eternal Summer Golf Society. Peter and I discuss how he found his love for the game after taking some time away from it,

Blind Shots Podcast Short Game Session 4 – Memories, Golf Dreams and Escapism in a Pandemic

We are all dealing with the isolation and social distancing in our own ways. Some of us are still playing golf under strict guidelines, while others sit idly by while their golf courses are shut down. Neither situation is ideal. For me,