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Golf coverage - but not like you've ever heard it before

Kelly Price completed her Ph.D. of Human Ecology with a concentration in Retail and Consumer Sciences at the University of Tennessee. She currently teaches at East Tennessee State University where she is a three-time recipient of the College of Business and Technology Excellence in Teaching Award. Her research interests include women’s golf, consumer behavior, and online education with numerous presentations and publications in these areas. Her non-academic experience includes management of discount, specialty, and luxury/resort retail including merchandise buying and retail operations management.

Dr. Price is a current contributor to womensgolf.com and host of On the Tee with Dr P podcast. Contact her via email at [email protected] or on Twitter @DrKelly04.

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Episode 10: Episode 10: Mind Your Manners

“Please” and “thank you” are just the beginning. Let’s see how being polite may be a reason for golf’s slow moving progression to equality.

Episode 9: Episode 9: Deeds Not Words

Kay, J. “The Wild Women”: Female violence against male sport. Accessed July 2020 from https://www.cafyd.com/HistDeporte/htm/pdf/4-10.pdf Kay, J. (2007). No time for recreations will the vote is won? Suffrage activities...