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TalkinGolf was among the very first online audio offerings in the game and after an extended break we’re back. Rebranded as TalkinGolf History, host Connor Lewis focusses on the fun aspects of the game’s past.

TalkinGolf was among the very first online audio offerings in the game and after an extended break we’re back. Rebranded as TalkinGolf History, host Connor Lewis focusses on the fun aspects of the game’s past.


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TG History 10: The Story Behind The Story Of The Lido

TalkinGolf History co-host Connor Lewis moved up a media grade recently when he appeared on Golf Channel alongside respected architect Jim Urbina in a short feature about the lost great club of the 20th century, The Lido. Built by the legendary C.B Macdonald and Seth Raynor why input from Tom Simpson and Alister Mackenzie, The Lido was widely regarded the equal of Pine Valley when it opened in 1914 but by 1942 it was gone. The course and its amazing has intrigued golfers for decades and with interest reignited by the Golf Channel piece last week now seemed a good time to flesh the story out further.

TG History 09: Listener Episode

Most of the time we get to talk about the things we want on the TalkinGolf History Podcast but every few weeks we turn things over to the listeners to find what you want to know about. On Episode 9 we answer questions about golfing Presidents, comparing players from different eras, our favourite periods of golf history and more.

TG History Ep 08: Keith Cutten

Canadian golf course architect Keith Cutten originally started out to write a thesis for his University course but that project ultimately morphed into The Evolution Of Golf Course Design. Keith joins Episode 8 of the podcast to talk about the role of golf courses – and their architects – through time.

TG History Ep 07: Green Jacket Auctions

One of the more fascinating corners of golf history is collecting, a multi million dollar business which spans the globe. The biggest and most influential auction house in golf is Green Jacket Auctions, started by Bob Zafian and Ryan Carey in 2006. Bob joins Epic 7 of the podcast to talk about how he got started in collecting, some of the best – and weirdest – items he’s been offered for sale and some advice on how a beginner should approach getting started in the trade.

TG History Ep 06: Sid Matthew on Bob Jones

Florida attorney Sid Matthew is regarded by most as the foremost expert on the life and times of Augusta National co-founder Bob Jones. Sid joins Episode 6 of the TG History podcast to talk about Jones and what made him special beyond just his extraordinary playing resume.

TG History 05: The Story Of Karsten Solheim and PING

Karsten Solheim was the founder of PING Golf but his legacy in the game is far greater than the establishment of one manufacturing company. Solheim was a true visionary and one of golf’s great innovators, his contribution to the development of modern putters and irons at least the equal of any in history. On Episode 5, we meet PING Historian Rob Griffin to get some insight into one of the game’s best known and most respected figures.

TG History 04 – The Weird And Wonderful Rules Of Golf

If you think some of golf’s new rules don’t make sense wait till you hear how the game used to be played. From drops that included throwing – yes throwing – the ball to free swings at your opponent’s ball in matchplay there have been some weird and wonderful rules governing the game over time. Join hosts Rod Morri and Connor Lewis for Episode 4 as they break down some of the crazier laws golf has endured over time.

TG History 03: Major questions for the Major Championships

We all know there are four Majors in golf but when did that happen? Was The Masters a Major in 1935 when Gene Sarazen struck ‘the shot heard round the world’? Should Walter Hagen’s five PGA titles between 1921 and 1927 be considered Grand Slam victories? And will Craig Perks retroactively become New Zealand’s third men’s Major champion if The Players is one day deemed a Major? All this and more when TalkinGolf History welcomes special guest historian Bill Williams to Episode Three for a lively discussion on golf’s ‘Big Four’ Tournaments.

TG 02: John Huggan with Catriona Matthew

After a fantastic response to our first TalkinGolf History podcast last week we change gears this week as we welcome respected golf writer John Huggan to the fold with the first of an ongoing series of interviews. This week Huggy sits down with Solheim Cup Captain and friend Catriona Matthew.