Become a Podcaster

It was golf that initially sparked our interest in podcasting here at TalkinGolf but the medium itself has become a primary focus since we first dabbled in online audio in the early part of the new millennium.

Since our first show ‘aired’ online in 2002 (before there was even such a thing as a podcast) we have watched as digitally delivered audio has taken on a life all its own.

In 2019 it would be difficult to imagine a more exciting segment of the media with the podcast sector growing at an extraordinary rate. There is clearly a fad element to the current state of affairs but with more than 700,000 podcasts now in existence the reality is that podcasting is here to stay.

For most, podcasting will only ever be a hobby driven by passion for a particular subject and, frankly, that is one of the medium’s greatest appeals. Others will look to commercialise their shows with the aim of making a financial return, an equally legitimate avenue to take.

Whichever road you wish to travel get in touch through our sister site at Sydney Podcast Studios, or read more about Sydney Podcast School here, and let us help you make your podcast dream a reality. It’s cheaper and easier than you think and at our dedicated podcast studio and school you’ll learn – hands on – how to produce, host, record and edit your own podcast from start to end.

Visit Sydney Podcast Studios now, have a look around or get in touch with Rod Morri on 0407 078 891 to discuss getting your podcast off the ground today.