From, a podcast that discusses what we love and hate about the game, sport, and business of golf. Frequent topics include golf travel, amateur, competitive, and public golf experiences, golf architecture, and the spirit of the game.

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Blind Shots Podcast S5 E5: Americans in Oregon – The Old MacDonald Episode

Our 2nd installment of the Americans in Oregon, discussing our experience on the Old MacDonald course, and the awe and wonderment of realizing the scale of the Bandon Dunes operation. Plus, a heretical idea so crazy I’d could only get away with it beca…

Blind Shots Podcast S5 E4: Americans in Oregon – Punch Bowl, Preserve, & Vibes of Bandon Dunes

In this first installment of the “Americans in Oregon” series, we set the scene at Bandon Dunes through our impressions of the Punch Bowl putting course, the 13-hole Bandon Preserve short course, and an examination of the resort’s vibe through our lodg…

Blind Shots Podcast Season 5 Episode 3 – Golf Trips and the Trophy Course.

Matt, Fred, and I reconvene at the Americans in Scotland round table to discuss whether golf trips truly need a “trophy course” to anchor a buddies golf trip. It’s big-picture discussion based on the small details we’ve accumulated in a decade or so of…

Blind Shots Podcast Season 5, Episode 2: Hal Phillips on Generation Zero and Golf

We happen to be living through a tumultuous time in men’s professional golf, and I wondered if Hal might recognize any familiar story lines from his lived experience and research for the book. He did, and there are all worth ruminating upon further.

Blind Shots Podcast Season 5 Episode 1 – Nathan Crace ASCGA on the Roll Back

I’m honored to welcome Nathan Crace, ASGCA to the podcast to talk through and help me understand the much ballyhooed USGA decision to “roll back the golf ball.” Watermark Golf – Moonbay Media – http://www.moonbaymedia.

Blind Shots Podcast Season 4 Episode 11 – Lie + Loft Founder Luke Davis

I speak with Lie + Loft founder Luke Davis about his journey to and within golf. Golf art and golf imagery has come a long way in the past decade or two. Once the exclusive province of the coffee table books, luxury travel publications,

Blind Shots Podcast 8th Night of Christmas Quick Loop

I contemplate how my local golf club professionals fulfill a role that I formerly found in my barber, my bartender, or my colleagues. Talker. Friend. Listener. Confidant. Fellow traveler. They are the fabric that binds me to my golf community,