Episode 62: TGH 62: The Life & Times of Ben Wright

Episode #61 is the 4th installment of my sitdown interview with Masters Announcer, Ben Wright. In the previous installments Mr. Wright shared some amazing stories with us including- his friendship with Ben Hogan, how he helped put the Beatles on tv for the first time, when Jack Nicklaus shed a tear from a fellow player, how Ben felt that he had jinxed a player at the Masters, how he punched out another player and many many stories that have never previously been shared.

On this installment Ben shares a few more stories and adds a bit of color to the stories he has shared before.

It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with broadcasting legend, Ben Wright – I sincerely hope you have enjoyed our time together.

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Blind Shots Podcast Episode 28 – The Kindness of Strangers and Black Creek

Today, Fred and I recap what made our recent Winter Golf Getaway to Chattanooga, Tennessee so special and fun. We lament a canceled event at Sweetens Cove, the mother of all Plan B’s, and also do a brief deep dive on what makes Black Creek Club a very …

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The Thing About Golf #37: Nick Price

Of all the players who have ascended to World No.1 since the rankings began in 1986, Zimbabwe’s Nick Price is the one who attracts the least attention. Universally regarded as one of the best ball-strikers of his generation, Price’s distinctive swing saw him hold the top position for 43 weeks. With three majors to his name and as a two time Presidents Cup Captain, there isn’t much Price hasn’t seen or done in the game. This is a captivating chat with John Huggan, which covers everything from modern equipment, winning majors and life in Zimbabwe in the 1960’s and 70’s.

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Ep 066: Kameruka – Rediscovering A Lost Golf Course

A throwaway comment over coffee one morning sparked a journey of discovery that ultimately uncovered a remarkable story of a lost golf course in a remote corner of NSW. Good Good co-host Adrian Logue and Sydney based course architect Harley Kruse join the pod to discuss the extraordinary story of the lost course of Kameruka.

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Episode 61: TGH 61: Ben Wright & the Beatles???

Episode #61 kicks off #MastersMarch for the TalkinGolf History Podcast. Five podcasts in 5 weeks, in our countdown to the 2021 Masters with stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

What better way to kick off this series than with a story that has nothing to do with golf – or atleast the first 15 minutes of our show has nothing to do with golf. If you are a Beatles Fan listen in for this unknown backstory of how the Beatles made their first tv appearance ever! I hope you Beatles fanatics listen past the first 15 minutes, but if not, you can skip to my outgoing message and a little more color to the story.

For the golf fans there is plenty of meat for you as well including how Ben Wright may have cost a friend a major championship, CBS’s illegal calcutta and Ben’s favorite moments from the Masters.

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Ep 065: Colin Criss and ‘BIg Golf’ v ‘Small Golf’

Many believe golf is in a second golden age of course architecture with some of the finest minds in the field producing amazing courses around the world. But today’s guest, Colin Criss, thinks we may be going too far with modern design. In a fascinating piece for The Fried Egg website last week he outlined his thoughts on ‘Big’ v ‘Small’ golf and he joins the pod this week to tease out some of those notions.

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The Thing About Golf #36: Mat Goggin

There isn’t much Mat Goggin hasn’t done in the game of golf, from Australian Amateur champion to professional tournament winner.
But what makes the Tasmanian such a compelling interview is that his interests are broader than just the game. An intelligent and articulate speaker who is widely read, Goggin often gives unexpected answers to seemingly simple questions and always keeps the listener – and interviewer – on their toes.
Now in his mid-forties and heavily involved in the Seven Mile Beach development in Hobart, it would be easy to assume Goggin’s playing days are over. But as you’ll hear from the wisdom dispensed in this interview, that would be a real shame both for Goggin and for fans of the game.
One final note: whether before or after listening to this episode it is also recommended to read the blog post linked below. In it, Goggin explains some of his beginnings in the game and how the Seven Mile Beach project came to be. It is a wonderful accompaniment to our chat and also helps to answer that opening question: What’s The Thing About Golf for Mat Goggin?

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Episode 60: TGH 60: The Wonderful Herbert Warren Wind

On this episode of the TalkinGolf History Podcast we dive into the profound history of Herbert Warren Wind. Few sports writers in history hold a candle to the great Herbert Warren WInd, and we golfers should cherish the fact that he was on our side.
If you think you know a lot about the man that the USGA named its highest honor in literature after, think again – his contributions to the game will echo in golf’s history.
Our guests for today’s show are Bradley Klein and Stephen Proctor.

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