From, a podcast that discusses what we love and hate about the game, sport, and business of golf. Frequent topics include golf travel, amateur, competitive, and public golf experiences, golf architecture, and the spirit of the game.

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Blind Shots Podcast Season 3 Episode 10 – Brian Laurent of the Superintendent Network and Twisted Paw Putting Club

Today’s episode puts a spotlight on the turf side of the golf course industry. My guest is Brian Laurent. His journey in golf has taken him from collegiate golfer to running multiple Ohio sections of the Golf Course Superintendent’s Association of Amer…

Blind Shots Podcast Season 3 Episode 8 – Chris Boysel PGA Part Two

This is the second part of my conversation with my friend, Head Golf Professional at Kearney Hill Golf Links, Chris Boysel, PGA. We talk about keeping golf fun, the practical effect of distance in golf, and why the rest of us are so important.