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Ep 160: The Ryder Cup

It's the event that stirs the soul of golf fans like no other and after a two year wait the European Ryder Cup team get their chance this week...

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Ep 159: Waiting For The Solheim Cup

There are few better spectator sports than waiting for an international team golf competition to get underway. With the Solheim Cup now just days away we catch up...

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Ep 158: Golf and Health: A way forward for the game

Revered course architect Alastair Mackenzie was a GP in another life and wrote in his book Spirit of St Andrews about the health benefits of prescribing golf to his...

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Episode 109: TGH 109: The Rise & Demise of the Ben Hogan Company Part 2

If you enjoyed part 1 of the Rise and Demise of the Ben Hogan Golf Company, then I highly suggested you find a quiet place to seclude yourself from...

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Ep 157: Essayist Richard Pennell

When we spoke to Richard Pennell in February last year his Stymied blog was starting to gain traction. 18 months later he is now a published author his book,...

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Ep 156: Kevin Moore, An Interesting Thinker

Kevin Moore is one of the more interesting voices in the game and it has taken us far too long to have him on as a guest. we finally...

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