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Episode 49: Digger Girl – Angela Moser of Moser Golf & Renaissance Golf Design

The stars finally aligned recently in providing me with an opportunity to spend some time with Angela Moser – golf course architect, shaper and world traveller!

There was no sign of either a dozer or a digger…. although I am absolutely sure that one of those is undoubtedly in her immediate future.

In this episode we take a deep dive on Renaissance's only current Irish course, St Patricks Links @ The Rosapenna Golf Resort, where Angela, Tom Doak, Eric Iverson, Clyde Johnson, Brian Schneider, Brian Slawnik, Blake Conant, Don Placek & Co. have created what in all likelihood will probably be the last great links to be built in Ireland.

We take a look Angela's back story in golf, which started by chance when her parents enrolled her in a three day golf summer camp for kids in her home town of Augsburg, Germany.

The golf bug bit, ultimately leading her towards a degree in Landscape Architecture at the Munich Univeristy of Applied Sciences, followed by a year long Erasmus scholarship in Sheffield. This UK sojourn, afforded Angela both the encouragement and opportunity to immerse herself in disciphering the myriad puzzles that many of the great UK courses afford golfers.

After graduation, Angela worked in Greenkeeping and Golf Course Design in Germany and Austria.

An internship with Renaissance Golf Design would follow in 2011 and the rest as they say is history.

We take a look at some of this history, while also looking at a few of the upcoming projects that are on the drawing board and one that our interview subject might be inclined to put there, should the opportunity every arise.

Many thanks to Angela for graciously affording me the time to speak with her. We both very much hope you enjoy our chat.

If you want to find out more about The Olde Glen Bar, Glen Village, Co. Donegal, please click on the following link

Additional details on the Rosapenna Golf Resort stay and play packages can be found by clicking on the following link

Angela mentions Norderney Golf Club during the course of the episode, you can visit the Norderney Golf Club website by clicking here, alternatively you can read a little more about it on the Good Sundays Website.

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Special Guest: Angela Moser.

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