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Episode 116: TGH 116: The Myths of the Masters Part 2

We welcome back Golf Historian, Greg Lamb for the second part of this two part podcast – “The Myths of the Masters.’

We started part 1 talking about assassinations and we end this podcast with the possible location of both the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail – can you name another podcast with this much range?

Tune in – and enjoy some good stories sprinkled in with some great golf history.

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Episode 115: TGH 115: The Myths of the Masters Part 1

This show is dedicated to proving or disproving some of the many myths that surround Augusta National and the Masters. We welcome back golf historian, Greg Lamb who joined us last year for our show: “Before Augusta National.”

This show will be a two part podcast. Please enjoy the lighthearted story telling of “The Myths of the Masters.”

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Episode 114: TGH 114: VaughnCon III: Defending Your Course

Welcome to season 6 of the TalkinGolf History Podcast- I sincerely apologize for the delay to kick off this new exciting season. Today we have a special show…another edition of VaughnCon where we get extremely blunt on our golf course architcture takes. This is a jointly owned podcast between TalkinGolf History, the Donald Ross Society and Golf Club Atlas. Our special guest today is Jason Straka of Fry-Straka Design.

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Episode 113: TGH 113: The Golffice

Someone of you asked for it and now all of you have to live with it;) Episode #113 dives into my mini-museum known lovingly as the Golffice. I break down my history with these historical items – tell a bit of their backstory and answer listener questions on how to build your own collection and the rehashing some of my terrible mistakes…”yes I could have bought Ben Hogan’s clubs 15 years ago and would have made a profit of $350,000 had I sold them today.”

The Golffice is my happy place and now I am going to share it with all of you.

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Episode 112: TGH 112: The Restoration of Cobbs Creek

It didnt get a lot of press a couple of months ago, but the restoration of the famed Cobbs Creek Golf Course is underway in Philadelphia. This public golf course was once one of the shining lights of public golf when it was designed and with Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner on their dozers, I wouldnt bet against Cobbs Creek becoming a beacon for how cities can embrace their public golf courses.

What gets lost in this big story is how the dreams of two men (Cirba and Bausch) are about to come true. This is a story of how passion can overcome all odds.

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Episode 111: TGH 111: The History of LIV Golf

The History of LIV Golf shares the early history of this rebel golf tour that whether you like it or hate it has changed the professional game of golf. We are joined on the podcast by journalist and author, Alan Shipnuck to discuss his new book, “LIV and Let Die.”

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Episode 110: TGH 110: The Rise & Demise of the Ben Hogan Company, Part 3

The third and final episode of the Rise and Demise of the Ben Hogan Golf Company. John Barba of MyGolfSpy joins us once again to tell the final chapter of this iconic brand, but unlike our other Rise and Demise stories, this brand may yet rise again!

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Episode 109: TGH 109: The Rise & Demise of the Ben Hogan Company Part 2

If you enjoyed part 1 of the Rise and Demise of the Ben Hogan Golf Company, then I highly suggested you find a quiet place to seclude yourself from the outside world and get ready for an insane golf history tale which includes sabotage, a Texas revolt, the acquisition of Pebble Beach and a plan to make it a private course for the Japanese Elite!
Buckle up for The Rise and Demise of the Ben Hogan Golf Company Part 2 with special guest John Barba of MyGolfSpy.

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Episode 108: The Rise & Demise of the Ben Hogan Golf Company

We are once again joined by John Barba of MyGolfSpy to dive into another historical tale from the golf manufacturing business.

Today on our show we dive into Part 1 of the Rise & Demise of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. This epic tale starts in 1953 and sadly ends in 2022 with the last and perhaps final demise of this famous brand.

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Episode 107: TGH 107: VaughnCon Rambling On Golf Course Architecture

I have no idea how to describe this episode other than to say that Vaughn Halyard and I started this podcast after playing Landmand for the third time and we had no agenda or a script.

This is a bit different from our past podcasts, so if you are listening for the first time its not quite what we normally deliver, but I felt it was still worth publishing especially in its raw form. Just two friends who love golf history and golf design.

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