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Episode 34: TG History 34: History of Dr Alister Mackenzie Part 2

The TalkinGolf History Podcast proudly presents Episode 34 and Part 2 of the History of Dr. Alsiter MacKenzie. On this episode Sean Tully dives deeper into the life of the legendary golf course architect kicking off with the 1914 Country Life Magazine contest, then into the partnership with Colt and Allison and finally the beginning of the last third of his career and going it alone.

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Episode 33: TG History 33: The History of Dr. Alister MacKenzie

On Episode 33 of the TalkinGolf History Podcast we dive into the deep end of the History behind one of the world’s most famous golf course architects, Dr. Alister MacKenzie, the man who gave us Augusta National, Cypress Point and Royal Melbourne.

This podcast will be one of three podcasts with our guest, Sean Tully exploring the history behind the doctor.

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Episode 32: TG History 32: Legend Series, Deane Beman

TalkinGolf History Episode 32 introduces a new series called, Legends of the Game with its first guest, Former PGA Tour Commissioner, Deane Beman.

Deane Beman perhaps more than any man in history, shaped the PGA Tour as we know it today. Beman does not hold back in this interview, reflecting upon his history with the game, what he did and what he wishes he could have done at the helm of the tour.

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Episode 31: TG History 31: How The Heck Did This Happen?

This podcast is a throwback to the interview that launched the TalkinGolf History Podcast. So if you love movies, this show is like a prequel to the podcast.

This was my very first podcast interview, where I was the guest of Rod Morri and Adrian Logue on their show (that no longer exists), the ISeekGolf Podcast.

Great interview with some colorful stories about the history of the game of golf and a glimpse into how we got here.

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Episode 30: TG History 30: Seth Raynor Part 2

TalkinGolf History presents Part 2 of the Two Part Podcast on “The History of Seth Raynor” with special guest, Anthony Pioppi. In this podcast we kick off right where we left off in Episode 29 – the passing of Seth Raynor and what we lost with his untimely death.

Listen for how you too can play some of the best Seth Raynor courses both public and private!

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Episode 29: TG History 29: Seth Raynor Part 1

On Episode 29 of the TalkinGolf History Podcast we invited Anthony Pioppi on the show to help us explore the History of Seth Raynor. This Episode is Part 1 of a 2 Part Podcast on one of the greatest golf course architects that ever lived.

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Episode 28: TG History 28: History of Donald Ross Part 2

The TalkinGolf History podcast proudly presents Part 2 of the two part interview with Donald Ross expert, Bradley Klein on the “History of Donald Ross.”

This interview starts right where episode 27 stopped, diving into the history of Donald Ross and the evolution of his golf design.

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Episode 27: TG History 27: History of Donald Ross Part 1

The History of Donald Ross, Part 1 of a 2 Part Interview with Donald Ross expert, Bradley S. Klein. In this episode, Bradley discusses the strategy, the issues and the internal tug of war of restoring a Donald Ross course, as well as some of his favorite private and publicly accessible Donald Ross courses.

There is also an insider’s look at fighting for the restoration of a brilliant Donald Ross golf hole.

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Episode 26: TG History 26: The Myths of Ben Hogan

On this episode of the TalkinGolf History Podcast we dive into “The Myths of Ben Hogan” by examining the historical periodicals of the moments that shaped his legend. We are joined by Jeff Martin, the creator of the “Thinking About Golf” website who speaks at length about the myths that helped create the Legend.

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Episode 25: TG History 25: 125 years of the USGA

On this episode of the TalkinGolf History Podcast we celebrate the USGA’s 125th anniversary with our special guest, Senior Golf Historian for the USGA, Victoria Nenno. On this episode, Victoria discusses what preceded the USGA, the events that led to its creation and the early years of the organization.

Sounds stuffy? Don’t count on it – the stories that unfold are both interesting and comical even as Connor tries to convince Victoria (unsuccessfully) that Willie Dunn is in fact the first US Open Champion.

This podcast should be an instant classic.

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