Month: February 2012

Episode 4: SOG Ep 4 – “The professional game is just not very interesting the way it’s played” – Greg Turner

Former touring professional turned golf course designer, New Zealand’s Greg Turner is one of the more articulate members of the golfing fraternity. This week he joins host Rod Morri and co-host Mike Clayton to discuss the joy of the short par-4, the…

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Episode 3: SOG Ep 3 – “The game has been hijacked by money”

The USGA – and Tiger Woods – are talking banning the belly and long putter. Join host Rod Morri, co-hosts John Huggan and Mike Clayton and long time broomstick putter user Craig Spence as they dissect just how dificult – or even desirable – that might be.

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Episode 2: State of the Game Episode 2

Could the USGA be preparing to take on golf’s major manufacturers over distance? New USGA President Glen Nager was talking tough on the issue at last week’s USGA annual meeting and Geoff Shackelford was there. Join Shackelford and host Rod Morri as…

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