Month: March 2022

Episode 80: TGH 80: The Champion Without a Major

TalkinGolf History proudly presents Episode #80: The Champion Without a Major, which tells the story of Sam Byrd – a man who once won a World Series with Babe Ruth, a man Bobby Jones once called the “greatest driver of the golf ball he ever saw” and the only man to ever play in both the World Series and the Masters.

If that isnt good enough for you – listen in and hear the amazing story of how Babe Ruth contributed to modern day golf instruction!!!

An amazing episode with returning guest, John Fischer.

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SOG 120: Distance Insights and more

It’s happening too slowly for many but it does look like it IS happening. Geoff Shackelford and Mike Clayton join host Rod Morri to discuss the ‘under the radar’ distance announcement, TPC Sawgrass, the Saudi League and more.

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Ep 105: Women and Golf with Nicole Wheatley

Nicole Wheatley has been in the golf industry for more than 20 years and has some fascinating thoughts on what the game gets wrong – and right – about its marketing.

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Feed the Ball Salon Vol. 20, ft. Dave Axland and Tim Liddy

Tim Liddy and Dave Axland have worked together on a number of projects including, most recently, Harrison Lake in Indiana, a remodel that included the addition of several new holes and a re-routing of the course. Liddy, the primary designer,

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Episode 79: TGH 79: A Golf Historian’s Scavenger Hunt EP 1

The first and hopefully not the last of a series we call, “A Golf Historian’s Scavenger Hunt,” where your host Connor T. Lewis will discuss historical artifacts from all over the world – share their story and how hard it would be for you to view that item.

This episode will take you to Chicago Golf Club, Oakmont CC and Seminole Golf Club for a show that we think will be unlike any other. Come for the history and stay for the great stories. An insiders look into strange artifacts and how they shaped the game of golf.

A special thanks to the artists who were so kind to allow the show to use their music:

Oak Studios presents “I Just Want Quiet”
Harry Lightfoot presents “Return Triumphant”
Johnny Easton presents “Purpose”

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Untitled Episode

Author Stephen Proctor joins episode 104 to talk his upcoming book ‘The Long Golden Afternoon’ about one of the most pivotal periods in the games history, 1864-1914. If Stephen’s last book – Monarch Of The Green – is anything to go by this will be a brilliant, insightful and entertaining read.

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Ep 103: Course Rankings – Can They Get It Right?

In polite society it’s religion and politics but in the golf world if you want to start an argument bring up golf course rankings. On Ep 103 Golf Australia Magazine editor Brendan James comes into the studio to talk about the magazine’s latest top 100 list, how courses are judged and some of the myths around the ranking system. Co host Adrian Logue also has a special announcement about an upcoming trip to Barnbougle Dunes.

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SOG 119: Well That Escalated Quickly

The Mickelson mess, the Norman missive, the distance report, beer throwing at Phoenix, falling TV ratings…take your pick we discuss it all with Geoff Shackelford and Mike Clayton on Ep 119 of State of the Game.

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Blind Shots Podcast Season 3 Episode 19: Matthew McCrady of Man O’ War Golf Part 2

We pick up where we left off, discussing the present and future states of merchandising and golf equipment for golfers and meander towards how Matthew sees the dynamic between grass roots junior golf on public courses and exposure to more aspirational …

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