Month: August 2023

Ep 156: Kevin Moore, An Interesting Thinker

Kevin Moore is one of the more interesting voices in the game and it has taken us far too long to have him on as a guest. we finally rectify that in Ep 156 where we talk maths and golf, the responsibility (or otherwise) of golf companies in growing the game, distance rollback and plenty more.

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Episode 108: The Rise & Demise of the Ben Hogan Golf Company

We are once again joined by John Barba of MyGolfSpy to dive into another historical tale from the golf manufacturing business.

Today on our show we dive into Part 1 of the Rise & Demise of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. This epic tale starts in 1953 and sadly ends in 2022 with the last and perhaps final demise of this famous brand.

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Ep 155: The R&A’s GolfIt experiment

It’s back to a favourite topic of the Good Good team this week as we welcome Bunkered magazine’s Michael McEwan back to the pod to talk about the R&A’s innovative GolfIt facility in Glasgow.

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Episode 107: TGH 107: VaughnCon Rambling On Golf Course Architecture

I have no idea how to describe this episode other than to say that Vaughn Halyard and I started this podcast after playing Landmand for the third time and we had no agenda or a script.

This is a bit different from our past podcasts, so if you are listening for the first time its not quite what we normally deliver, but I felt it was still worth publishing especially in its raw form. Just two friends who love golf history and golf design.

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Ep 154: The Switch

A special week in golf demands special treatment and that’s what episode 154 delivers. The regular team shifts to the back seat as special guest host Karen Harding and special guest co-host Emma Ballard take the controls to discuss the AIG Women’s Open. The Course, the field, purses and the state of the game are all part of the discussion as the golf world gears up for what is shaping as a thrilling week.

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Episode 28: ODG Series #4 – A.V. Macan with Jeff Mingay

Arthur Vernon (A.V.) Macan was an accomplished amateur golfer who emigrated from Ireland to British Columbia, Canada in 1912. Macan is best known for his original designs at Royal Colwood, Inglewood, The California Club, Overlake and Shaughnessy. Jeff Mingay joins us to shed light on a pioneer of golf course design in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the USA.

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Ep 153: Protecting Public Golf – The Right Way

There’s no shortage of attacks on public golf but how we respond to those, as players and an industry, sets the tone for how successful we will be in protecting the game. Inspired by a column written by co-host Jimmy Emanuel we explore that issue on Ep 153 with the always interesting Sandy Jamieson.

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