Month: October 2022

Episode 93: TGH 93: A Golf Historian’s Scavenger Hunt Part 2

In our second episode of “A Golf Historian’s Scavenger Hunt we explore the course that changed golf in America and the ruins of America’s Home of Golf, then we dive into the most famous golf match perhaps in golf history and then end with the location of a match that may have determined where golf was born!

A great show made even better by the music that matches the eras:
Story #1: Scott Joplin playing Pineapple Rag in 1908
Story #2: Theme song to the movie, Caddyshack, “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins
Story #3: John Helmich Roman’s, “Drottingholmsmusiken” written in 1744

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Episode 17: Matt Mollica on Oz Golf, Rollback and a L1V Soliloquoy

Matt Mollica from the Australian Golf Passport Podcast joins us to chat about inbound golf travel to Australia, we explore technology rollback and its’ importance for golfs future, a smidgeon on L1V and why Metropolitan Golf Club reminds Scott Warren of Liam Hemsworth.

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Ep 120: Are We Unfair To Golfers?

There’s reader mail this week wondering if the Good Good team is too hard on golfers? it’s a fair question (and took up more of the discussion than expected) plus professional golf is coming to a town near you and why you should make the effort to go and watch it.

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Episode 92: TGH 92: The History of Ralph Guldahl

Ralph Guldahl for a period of 4 to 5 years was the greatest golfer on the planet – even outshining his more famous peers Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and Byron Nelson. Today on the podcast, with an assist from Warren Rogan, host of Sports Forgotten Heroes and his guest, Dr Tony Parker we share the story of the forgotten great…Ralph Guldahl.

If you like this story and just love sports, Warren Rogan’s show, Sports Forgotten Heroes may be the show for you. Check it out and thank me later.

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Blind Shots Podcast Season 4 Episode 4 – Lawrence Donegan on Adventures in Junior Golf

Lawrence Donegan’s essay titled Adventures in Junior Golf from McKellar #5 was the most important article I’ve read in 20 years. In it, Donegan examines the Youth Sports Industrial Complex through the lens of his experiences as the dad of a junior golf…

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Ep 119: Golf’s Most Important Word: Sustainability

Golf faces multiple problems but among its most serious is the perception that it is an environmentally irresponsible use of land. While the game can – and is – improving in this area it is important golfers and non-golfers alike are aware of the message. Sam Thomas of the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf joins the pod to talk Sustainable Golf Week and the game’s future.

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Nikki McClure

Our guest today is Nikki McClure. Nikki grew up in a family of golfers but initially didn’t take to the game, preferring other sports. But when personal tragedy struck her young family, it was golf that helped bring her out from a very dark place and then buoyed her as she created a place of…

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