Month: May 2019

TG History 11: From The Fringe – The Champ Who Lost His Mind

In the first of a regular series from The Society Of Golf Historians founder Connor Lewis comes the story of two time US Open winner Johnny McDermott. McDermott is the subject of our first ‘From The Fringe’ segment where Connor will delve into some of the most interesting and important stories from the game’s past. McDermott is and was one of American golf’s most important figures and in this debut episode Connor dispels some myths – and gives listeners some insights into – a genuine American hero.

SOG Ep 094: Barnbougle Dunes Course Study Tour

It always promised to be an interesting experiment and it was. The inaugural State of the Game Golf Course Study Tour to Barnbougle Dunes earlier this month had a bit of everything but, as expected, the highlight was the chance to sit down with Mike Clayton for an ‘unplugged’ podcast/Q&A session. Clayton touches on everything from how the Barnbougle project got off the ground to stories from the European Tour from the 80’s and 90’s. Its everything you’d expect it to be and more and if you missed out on this one hopefully this episode helps convince you what a mistake you made and to come along for the next one!

The Course Reports – The Memorial & Muirfield Village Golf Club featuring Chad Mark, Director of Grounds

Episode 10 features Chad Mark, Director of Grounds at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Chad goes in depth about the inner workings of this classic venue and The Memorial! Ever wonder what it would be like to have Jack Nicklaus as your boss? Hear Chad and Curtis discuss fast greens and the ultimate in high expectations!

Episode 50: Dave Axland and Rod Whitman

Dave Axland and Rod Whitman, two of modern golf’s most skilled and admired construction men, met in the 1980s through Bill Coore. Axland has been an associate and project manager for numerous Coore-Crenshaw courses since the mid-1990s including Sand Hi…

The Course Reports – Coloniall CC and Oak Hill CC!

Two classic courses and two big time events! Hear Scott Ebers and Jeff Corcoran talk with Curtis about their course conditioning and tournament preparations.

TG History 10: The Story Behind The Story Of The Lido

TalkinGolf History co-host Connor Lewis moved up a media grade recently when he appeared on Golf Channel alongside respected architect Jim Urbina in a short feature about the lost great club of the 20th century, The Lido. Built by the legendary C.B Macdonald and Seth Raynor why input from Tom Simpson and Alister Mackenzie, The Lido was widely regarded the equal of Pine Valley when it opened in 1914 but by 1942 it was gone. The course and its amazing has intrigued golfers for decades and with interest reignited by the Golf Channel piece last week now seemed a good time to flesh the story out further.

The Course Reports – Bethpage Black & The 2019 PGA Championship

Rees Jones and Andy Wilson join Curtis to talk all things Bethpage Black and 2019 PGA Championship! Hear the latest on conditioning, how the design changes may impact the players, and what it’s like to be part of such a special project.


TG History 09: Listener Episode

Most of the time we get to talk about the things we want on the TalkinGolf History Podcast but every few weeks we turn things over to the listeners to find what you want to know about. On Episode 9 we answer questions about golfing Presidents, comparing players from different eras, our favourite periods of golf history and more.

SOG Ep 093: Bob Denney on AW Tillinghast

With the PGA Championship set to return to the Bethpage Black course in New York next week there will be plenty of discussion about course design AW Tillinghast. While known mostly as a course architect, Tillinghast had many more strings to his bow including a well known – though little understood – tour of the US during the depression years to advise courses on more financially sustainable management practises. What is less known is the extensive records he kept of that period and PGA Historian Bob Denney joins Geoff Shackelford, Mike Clayton and Rod Morri on Episode 93 to delve into the life and times of one of the game’s great contributors.

The Course Reports – Trinity Forest’s Kasey Kauff & ATT Byron Nelson

Episode 7 features Kasey Kauff, Director of Grounds at Trinity Forest Golf Club, home of the ATT Byron Nelson! Curtis and Kasey get into all things about the incredible new venue from Trinity Zoysia to the design and construction!