Month: September 2022

Ep 118: Presidents Cup Plus

It’s hard to imagine there’s much left to say about the Presidents Cup but we won’t let that stop us. There’s a bit of LIV and World Rankings talk as well.

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Episode 16: Adrian Logue from the Good Good Golf Podcast

Adrian Logue, co-host of the Good Good Golf Podcast joins us for a great chat covering golfing IQ, considering a wider perspective to enjoy the game of golf, conspicuous consumption, marketing and golf and how building a golf course is like shooting and producing a movie.

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Episode 91: TGH 91: Landmand: Building the Legend

For episode #91 we welcome back golf course architect, Rob Collins to share the story of his latest creation, Landmand. You are about to get an insiders glimpse into how every hole at Landmand took shape.

This pod will be a classic – and I truly believe Landmand will become a legend. A special thanks to my production partner: Story Lounge Film Company.

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Ep 117: Man on a Mission – Ewan Porter

From touring professional to hating the game to falling in love with it all over again. Ewan Porter’s golf journey has run the full gamut including his latest mission to play every golf course in Sydney. Not just the fancy ones, mind, but the public courses, too. It’s an intriguing tale and features some good banter with Adrian Logue and Golf Australia magazine deputy editor (and now regular Good Good co-host) Jimmy Emanuel.

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Blind Shots Podcast – Season 4, Episode 1: Anatomy of the Buddies Golf Trip

Welcome back to the Blind Shots Podcast. I’m excited to be back in the studio and truly jazzed about some of the forthcoming episodes for Season Four. Today, co-hosts Matt & Fred sit in to talk about Buddies’ Golf Trips.

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Episode 90: TGH 90: Creating Golf History with Rob Collins

On Episode 90 we interview half of the dynamic duo that make up King Collins Golf Design, Rob Collins.

On this two part podcast we dive into Rob’s personal golf history, the incredible history behind King Collins’ first design, Sweetens Cove and finally a teaser of Episode #91 the birth of Landmand.

This podcast was made with Story Lounge Film Company.

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Feed the Ball Salon Vol. 23, ft. Jason Straka

Jason Straka has been a principle in Fry/Straka Global Golf Design since joining with partner Dana Fry in 2012. Previously he was the senior architect for Hurdzan-Fry Golf Design, helping that company build landmark courses like Calusa Pines,

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Episode 15: ODG Series – Harry Shapland Colt

Focus on the father of golf architecture Harry S Colt with journalist and historian Adam Lawrence who is currently writing a book on Colt entitled More Enduring than Brass.

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SOG 124: Seven Mile Beach Update

Let’s leave the parlous state of world golf behind for a while and get back to talking one of our favourite topics here on SOG: course architecture. On Ep 124 Geoff Shackelford, Mike Clayton and Rod Morri welcome Mike Devries and Mat Goggin for an update on the highly anticipated Seven Mile Beach project in Hobart, Tasmania. For those playing the drinking game Ep 124 will be disappointing…you can leave the bottle opener in the drawer as there’s not a single mention of distance (or even LIV Golf!)

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