Month: November 2023

Episode 112: TGH 112: The Restoration of Cobbs Creek

It didnt get a lot of press a couple of months ago, but the restoration of the famed Cobbs Creek Golf Course is underway in Philadelphia. This public golf course was once one of the shining lights of public golf when it was designed and with Gil Hanse and Jim Wagner on their dozers, I wouldnt bet against Cobbs Creek becoming a beacon for how cities can embrace their public golf courses.

What gets lost in this big story is how the dreams of two men (Cirba and Bausch) are about to come true. This is a story of how passion can overcome all odds.

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Episode 33: Dutch Golf Series #4 – Serendipity of Early Golf Part 2

Robin Bargmann joins us again for part 2 of our 3 part chat about his research into the dutch influence on the early days of golf in Scotland and early golf in the Netherlands.

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Ep 164: Media Matters with Alan Sunderland

Information might be the most important commodity in the world. How it is produced and consumed has an impact on the way we think and view issues. This is as true in golf as it is in the broader community and former ABC Editorial Director Alan Sunderland joins Ep 164 of the pod to talk journalism, the media and navigating the modern information super highway.

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