Month: March 2021

Feed the Ball Salon Vol. 16, ft. Tom Lehman

PGA Tour and current PGA Champions tour player Tom Lehman, winner of the 1996 Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St. Anne’s, has seamlessly managed to maintain an elite game while developing a golf course design outlook that almost entirely eschews co…

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Episode 64: TGH 64: Antiquities of the Game, Young Tom’s Putter

TalkinGolf History is proud to announce a new series, “Antiquities of the Game,” where we explore relics from golf’s past and use them to tell the history of the game of golf. This episode includes Jock Hutchinson’s 1921 Open Championship Gold Medal and YOUNG TOM MORRIS’ PUTTER that he used to win 4 Open Championships in a row. This pivotal moment changed the course of golf history, gave birth to the first ever Gold Medal, the Claret Jug and the Open Rota.

I am joined on the show by Golf Historian and author of “Monarch of the Green: Young Tom Morris: Pioneer of Modern Golf,” the fabulous Stephen Proctor.

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Ep 069: Getting Public Golf Right

We’ve spent alot of time on the pod discussing the battles over public golf and its place in the broader community and most of that discussion has leaned towards the negative. But on this episode we’re going to meet the GM of a public facility who are showing the way on how to get it right. Robby Stephenson runs the Council Owned Links Shell Cove south of Wollongong and has some terrific advice on how public golf can weave itself into a local community.

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Ep 068: Mike Clayton, Olympics and Moore Park

Mike Clayton is one of our favourite guests and on Episode 68 he’s in fine form talking golf and the Olympics, caddying for Elvis Smylie, the aerial versus the ground game and plenty more as well.

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Episode 63: TGH 63: The Gathering

TalkinGolf History proudly presents “The Gathering”
A golf summit of sorts at the Home of America Golf, which brought together the minds behind Golf Club Atlas, the Donald Ross Society, Kyle Franz Golf Design, Story Lounge Film Company and the Society of Golf Historians.

Warning: Two of our microphones experienced issues so you may experience moments of static to increase the audio output.

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The Thing About Golf #38: Matt Millar

At the age of 46 Matt Millar is an anomaly in the modern professional game. Despite being one of the shortest hitters on the PGA Tour of Australasia he remains a competitive force in fields of much younger – and more powerful – players. A combination of great accuracy and an enviable short game explain much of his success but as Millar himself admits in this chat, the real key is mental.

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Ep 067: The Science of Golf And Health

With public golf in a precarious position in many parts of Australia the game needs to make its case for remaining part of communuties and on Ep 67 Dr Brad Stenner joins us to do just that. Research conducted by Brad as part of the R&A’s Golf and Health initiative indicates the game is a benefit for those who play it, especially in the over 55 age group, but says more research is needed.

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