Month: December 2022

Blind Shots Podcast – 5th Night of Christmas Quick Loop

A rumination and three cheers for that collection of golf courses that are truly familiar, old haunts that are comfortable to play, no matter how long it’s been since it was last played.

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Blind Shots Podcast – 3rd Night of Christmas Quick Loop

On the third night of Christmas, I spend a few moments reflecting on the role and importance of daydreaming in golf. Daydreams sometimes turn into plans, and, occasionally, even come true. That’s enough to get me through, enough to keep me motivated,

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Blind Shots Podcast – 2nd Night of Christmas Quick Loop

On the second night of Christmas, I reflect on what it means, if anything, that I played the best golf of my life in 2022. Can I continue to get better? Or is this as good as it gets? And will any of it ever be good enough? Happy Boxing Day, everybody

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Episode 96: TGH 96: The History of AW Tillinghast Part 3

This episode concludes our three part series on the History of AW Tillinghast. We kick off Part 3 with golf historian, author and Tillinghast expert, Phil Young as we enter into the Great Depression, Tillinghast’s bankruptcy and his much maligned work with the PGA of America.

We end with a high note as I ask Phil: “What three courses would one have to play to best understand the genius of AW Tillinghast?” His answer may surprise you.

This is the last episode of Season 4 – thank you for listening!

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Karen Lunn

Our guest today is Karen Lunn. As CEO of WPGA Tour Australasia, Karen is one of golf’s most accomplished administrators and one of the most important thought leaders in the game.  A former tour player on the Ladies European Tour, the LPGA Tour and the domestic ALPG Tour, Karen amassed 16 career wins around the…

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Ep 129: Aus Opens Special Take 2: James Sutherland Has His Say

There wasn’t universal agreement on some of the points raised in Episode 127’s lengthy post mortem of the mixed Australian Opens including from Golf Australia CEO James Sutherland. So, we welcome James to a specially convened episode of the pod today to talk all things Australian Open.

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Ep 128: Mike Clayton talks Sandbelt Invitational (and more)

A chat with Mike Clayton is like a Christmas gift to yourself except that here at Good Good we like to share it with you. The Sandbelt Invitational, developing young players and the mixed Australian Opens arse just some of the topics covered.

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Episode 95: TGH 95: The History of AW Tillinghast, Part 2

Golf Historian, author and AW Tillinghast expert, Phil Young joins us on the show for Part 2 of the History of AW Tillinghast. In this episode we dive into some of Tilly’s most famous designs, as we ponder the question of Tilly’s genius and whether it was divine genius – ie… did he just inherently understand strategic golf design or did his architecture evolve?

Stick around for the end of the show where Phil riffs on 6 of Tilly’s great designs.

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