Month: January 2019

Episode 42: Jay Blasi

Jay Blasi founded his own design company in 2012 after working for Robert Trent Jones II for over a decade. He gained notoriety as the lead associate on two high profile Jones courses: The Patriot Golf Club in Oklahoma,

TG History 01: The Why’s Of Golf

Have you ever wondered ‘why?’ in this game? Why do we play 18 holes? Why is the cup 4.25 inches in diameter? Why do we carry 14 clubs? These are just three of the big questions answered on the first episode of TalkinGolf History. Join hosts Rod Morri and Connor T Lewis as they launch the internet’s first podcast devoted entirely to the history of the greatest game of all.

Episode 41: Mike Clayton

Mike Clayton is a throwback to a bygone tradition of golf figures such as Willie Park, Jr., Walter Travis and Max Behr, top players who later became both architects and men of letters. Clayton won the Australian Amateur in 1978 and played the European …

Episode 88: SOG Ep 088: Lucy Li and the Rules of Amateur Status

New rules in 2019 always suggested there would be a rules controversy in January but the one involving Lucy Li isn’t what most were expecting. The 16-year-old is in danger of losing her amateur status after appearing in an ad for the Apple Watch with the USGA now investigating. It’s a difficult situation for the ruling body who will no doubt be damned if they do and damned if they don’t but Geoff Shackelford says the situation is really one of their own making.

Episode 40: David McLay Kidd

Not since Hugh Wilson at Merion has an architectural career been launched as brightly as David McLay Kidd’s. As a young designer in his 20’s, Kidd was tabbed by Mike Keiser to build the first course at Bandon Dunes.