Month: May 2022

Ep 109: Northcote with Bill Jennings

There was movement at Darebin City Council last week regarding the ongoing use of Northcote golf course and Northcote Community and Golf Hub spokesman Bill Jennings returns to fill in the details of what unfolded.

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Raj Narayan

Our guest today is Raj Narayan. Raj is one of golf’s emerging women entrepreneurs, coming from a corporate financial and management background to apply both analytical skills and social awareness to create an online business and networking golf club, the creatively named Emajin. From someone who started out hating the game, Raj has transitioned into…

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Episode 83: TGH 83: The Caucasian Clause

This is the story of how the PGA of America’s Caucasian Clause came to be and how it was banished in 1961, and how three men fought back against professional sports only racist bylaw.

This podcast tells the stories of triumph and misery which take place from 1896 to 1962.

A special thanks to our musicians
Matty Cupelli – “Touch”
Music Fellows – “Dream”
MRTN – “Searching”
MRTN – “Fragile”
Three amazing artists and four amazing songs which help us tell this story.

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Episode 11: George Waters – USGA Green Section Education Manager

George Waters has worn many caps throughout his career – green keeper, contractor, design/builder, course architect, course photographer, writer and educator. He joins us today to take a look at the intersection between golf course design and greenkeeping and what are some of the challenges that golfers would be wise to be more conscious about.

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Episode 80: Joe Jemsek on Dick Wilson

Joe Jemsek grew up with Dick Wilson. At least figuratively. In the early 1960s, Wilson, one of golf architecture’s most interesting and possibly misunderstood figures, designed the former America’s 100 Greatest Course Cog Hill No. 4 in Chicago,

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Episode 82: TGH 82: An Author’s Journey with Stephen Proctor

A fabulous interview with the man St Andrews’ Golf Historian, Roger McStravick once called, “the Bernard Darwin of our times,”

My friend, golf historian and author, Stephen Proctor joins the show to talk about his new book, “The Long and Golden Afternoon,” how the book connects his previous book, “Monarch of the Green” and in the process he shares his own golf history and a preview of his upcoming sabbatical walking in the footsteps of Old Tom Morris.

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Ep 108: Dr Hannah Brown

Does golf do enough to be inclusive (and what does that even mean)? And if the answer is no, is that a dumb business decision as much as anything else? What are the up sides of diversity and how do people within the game go about making it happen? Lots and lots of questions and some fascinating and intelligent answers when Dr Hannah Brown joins the Good Good golf podcast.

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