Month: December 2023

Blind Shots Podcast Season 5, Episode 2: Hal Phillips on Generation Zero and Golf

We happen to be living through a tumultuous time in men’s professional golf, and I wondered if Hal might recognize any familiar story lines from his lived experience and research for the book. He did, and there are all worth ruminating upon further.

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Episode 35: Dutch Golf Series #6 – Rockets Over Wild Farm & The Atlantic Wall

This episode explores the story of Daniel Wolf as he hurriedly rushed to get a new golf course constructed upon his personal estate in The Hague. We also look at how construction of the Atlantic Wall effected golf properties along the coast of the Netherlands during and after WW2.

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Blind Shots Podcast Season 5 Episode 1 – Nathan Crace ASCGA on the Roll Back

I’m honored to welcome Nathan Crace, ASGCA to the podcast to talk through and help me understand the much ballyhooed USGA decision to “roll back the golf ball.” Watermark Golf – Moonbay Media – http://www.moonbaymedia.

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Episode 113: TGH 113: The Golffice

Someone of you asked for it and now all of you have to live with it;) Episode #113 dives into my mini-museum known lovingly as the Golffice. I break down my history with these historical items – tell a bit of their backstory and answer listener questions on how to build your own collection and the rehashing some of my terrible mistakes…”yes I could have bought Ben Hogan’s clubs 15 years ago and would have made a profit of $350,000 had I sold them today.”

The Golffice is my happy place and now I am going to share it with all of you.

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Episode 34: Dutch Golf Series #5 – Robin Bargmann #3 – Nascent Modern Dutch Golf

Our final episode with Robin Bargmann focuses on foundation of the first Dutch golf clubs. Many of these courses no longer exist in their original locations, now being located on comparatively better grounds for golf. The early course development pioneers also had the fortune and foresight to engage the services of both master designers in Colt & Company and the local course building contractor H. Copijn & zoon.

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