Month: July 2022

Episode 87: TGH 87: The Rise & Demise of MacGregor Golf Part 1

Once again we are joined by John Barba of MyGolfSpy fame to help us tell the amazing story of MacGregor Golf – a company that had the opportunity to be the greatest golf equipment company of all-time and yet met with the demise of so many other great companies that showed promise.

This show will be aired in two parts.

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Ep 114: Rory, Cam, Evian and More

Jimmy Emanuel of Golf Australia magazine joins us to discuss Cam Smith’s victory at the 150th Open, how The Old Course held up (very well) and how Cam’s win feeds the insatiable LIV rumour mill. We also preview the next Women’s major – the Evian Championship and discuss the future of Women’s majors.

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Ep 113: On The ground with Brendan James at The Old Course

There’s electricity in the air as the 150th Open approaches and we get a taste of the atmosphere and what’s making news on the ground at St Andrews from Golf Australia magazine editor Brendan James.

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Episode 86: TGH 86: A Golf Historian’s Guide to St Andrews Part 2

The final half of my interview with St Andrews Golf Historian, Roger McStravick as we complete our two hour walk through the cobblestone streets of St Andrews.

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Ep 112: Hannah Holden from National Club Golfer

Hannah Holden is one of the small number of women who cover golf, her contributions ranging from in depth equipment reviews to opinion pieces on LIV Golf and the reaction to Linn Grant’s win in the Scandinavian Mixed event last month.

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SOG 122: Enough LIV, Time To Talk the Old Course

It won’t go away but LIV Golf and all its implications can take a back seat for the next two weeks as golf hopefully celebrates everything good about the game with an Open Championship at the Old Course. Come along for the ride as Geoff Shackelford and Mike Clayton talk all things St Andrews.

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