Month: February 2021

The Thing About Golf #35: Dame Laura Davies

For more than 30 years Laura Davies has been a breath of fresh air in the game. A combination of prodigious length and attacking play has delivered 85 professional victories but it is her down to earth nature and sense of humour which has endeared Davies to fellow players and fans alike. In this wide-ranging discussion with John Huggan, the World Golf Hall of Famer is typically forthright on all topics from pros using hybrids (hint: not a fan) to the importance of the Solheim Cup.

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Episode 59: TGH 59: The Unheralded Pioneer, Ann Gregory

Ann Gregory won over 300 golf tournaments, she broke the USGA women’s color barrier and for 65 years her story has been lost to the masses. Today on our show we are joined by Junior Curator of the USGA Golf Museum, Kylie Garabed who helps shine a light on the amazing career of Ann Gregory, Golf’s Unheralded Pioneer.

On a personal note: The original purpose of this podcast was to share stories with you that you might not hear anywhere else. Ann Gregory passed away in 1990 without the accolades she should have been afforded, let us honor her in death like she should have been honored in life – as a champion, a pioneer and as she might have wished, a golfer.

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Ep 062: Mat Goggin and Mike Clayton

There was much excitement around the golf world last week with the formal announcement that the firm of Clayton, DeVries and Pont had been selected to design and build the highly anticipated Seven Mile Beach course near Hobart in Tasmania. On Episode 62 CDP partner Mike Clayton and the development’s main driver, Mat Goggin, join hosts Rod Morri and Adrian Logue to discuss the project.

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