Ep 009: It’s Hot At Christmas? That’s Just Weird

If people like things about golf that are different to you, does that mean they are doing it wrong? Why does golf need to invite communities into their space? What’s more important – name tags for the staff or an interesting green complex? These are just some of the talking points on Episode Nine of The Good Good Golf Podcast.

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Episode 60: Andy Staples

Over the last 15 years, Andy Staples has created his own space in the field of golf design by pioneering sustainability and efficiency in course construction and operation. He’s also helped create and popularize the concept of “Community Links,

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Ep 008: Mike Clayton “Clubbing For The Duff”

“The only point of the fifth hole at Royal Melbourne West,” says Mike Clayton of the famed par-3, “is to join up the great fourth hole – the over the hill and down to the right par-5 – with the amazing 6th hole.” It’s Clayton at his best on Episode Eight of The Good Good Golf Podcast where Sydney v Melbourne golf, the Christina Kim rules fiasco and why Cypress Point’s 16th hole needs an alternate par-4 tee are among the topics dissected. Clayton joins regulars Rod Morri, Adrian Logue and Derek Duncan for a fascinating and in depth discussion about golf and the fields upon which it is played.

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Episode 5: Managing Expectations, Getting out of Sand, Avoiding the pot at Woodlands No.10

PGA Tour pro and author of “Tour Mentality”, Nick O’Hern, talks to golf writer Matt Cleary about managing expectations, enjoying practice, getting out of bunkers, avoiding bunkers, knowing bunkers, loving bunkers.

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Episode 22: The Club That Time Forgot: LZGC

Lake Zurich Golf Club is the club that time forgot. On this episode of the TalkinGolf History Podcast our special guest, Ed Rutledge gives our listeners a glimpse into the world of one of the most exclusive and perhaps recluse golf clubs in the United States.

The story that unfolds over the next hour will amaze you, it will make you laugh and I believe in the end, it will make you want to join the little nine hole club of only 2600 yards and a mere 32 members. Stories like this are why I started this podcast. Things to listen for: Dead Bodies, Weird Rules, Marilyn Monroe, and the toughest question I have ever asked on a podcast and our guest’s shocking answer!!!

Did the members of Lake Zurich Golf Club actually eat the greens keeper’s children??? That is not a joke! Listen and hear the whole story!!!

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Ep 007: Phil Blackmar’s Spin On Distance

Self confessed golf tragic Phil Blackmar has spent his entire life around the game. He not only played at the highest level for more than a decade and a half, he won three times and all in an era that crossed over from Jack Nicklaus to Greg Norman to Tiger Woods. Now a commentator at Golf Channel Blackmar, like many of his contemporaries, worries about the direction the game has taken at the top level but believes he has a solution that is as intriguing as it is unique. He chats with Rod Morri on Episode 7 about all things golf (including an extremely entertaining Jack Nicklaus story!)

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Episode 59: Jeff Brauer

Jeff Brauer began his career in 1977 working for Dick Nugent and Ken Killian in Chicago and represents a vital link to a previous generation of architecture. Since opening his own design firm in Dallas in 1984,

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