Our guests today are well known media personality and keen golfer Deborah Hutton and respected dermatologist Dr Anita Lasocki. In the lead up to The Longest Day, the golf challenge run by Cancer Council Victoria to raise funds for prevention programs and research into skin cancer, Deborah and Anita share with us ways in which we can lower the risk of contracting skin cancers. 

Anita has a special interest in early detection of skin cancer, melanoma surveillance and skin cancer management and provides us with some facts around Australia being the skin cancer capital of the world and why it is so important to have a regular pre-golf game skin protection routine all year round.

Deborah has twice fought infiltrating facial skin cancer and is now a passionate advocate for awareness of skin protection, sharing her story, releasing graphic post-surgery images of her face and creating a range of UPF50+ hats which are stylish, sun smart and perfect for golf. 

Links related to this episode: 
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Cancer Australia information on melanoma: www.canceraustralia.gov.au/cancer-types/melanoma/overview
Canopy Bay Hats: canopybay.com.au/
Deborah Hutton: deborahhutton.com/
Solbari sun protective clothing: www.solbari.com.au/collections/solbari-upf50-tops-dresses-and-pants-for-women
Ikbul sun protective clothing: ibkul.com/collections/ibkul-golf-apparel
Rigon Headwear: rigonheadwear.com.au/
Deborah and Anita designated charity: www.longestday.org.au/

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