Alister MacKenzie

Episode 38: Mike DeVries of CDP Golf & DeVries Design

Mike DeVries of CDP Golf and DeVries Designs joins us today for a long overdue chat. Mike updates us on some of CDP’s ongoing projects including 7 Mile Beach on Hobart as well as The Addington in London. We also explore some of his early influences at Crystal Downs in Michigan.

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Episode 20: ODG Series #2 – Dr. Alister MacKenzie with Neil Crafter

An exploration of some of the life and times of Dr. Alister MacKenzie – Scotsman, Camoufluer, Golf Architect and twinkle toes devil. Neil Crafter is a successful golf architect in his own right in addition to being one of the leading MacKenzie experts who has been central to the development of the MacKenzie Chronology.

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