Colt & Company

Episode 44: F&F Spring Break 2024 #2 – The History of County Sligo Golf Club

This episode explores some of the history of County Sligo Golf Club with long standing member Tony Cunningham. The Sligo Militia, The Campbell’s, Colt & Company and the creation and history of the West of Ireland Championship are all covered in some detail

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Episode 34: Dutch Golf Series #5 – Robin Bargmann #3 – Nascent Modern Dutch Golf

Our final episode with Robin Bargmann focuses on foundation of the first Dutch golf clubs. Many of these courses no longer exist in their original locations, now being located on comparatively better grounds for golf. The early course development pioneers also had the fortune and foresight to engage the services of both master designers in Colt & Company and the local course building contractor H. Copijn & zoon.

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