The Good-Good Golf Podcast

Hosted ByDerek Duncan, Adrian Logue & Rod Morri

Podcasting brought them together and now the Good Good Golf Podcast is the result. Hosts Derek Duncan, Adrian Logue and Rod Morri are all avid podcast producers and listeners and after admiring each other’s work from a distance for months they finally connected on an episode of the now defunct iSeekGolf Book Club. The loss of that show, however, cleared the way for the birth of Good-Good, a corner of the internet where golf nerds can shamelessly congregate to discuss everything from the nuances of a redan par-3 to whether local government has a responsibility to promote golf. Welcome to the golf podcast world’s most eclectic show!

EP 002: The Derek Duncan Bombshell

On Episode Two of The Good Good Golf Podcast Derek Duncan joins the team and it’s quite the debut when he drops a bombshell about his thoughts on the distance debate. We also get the good oil from Adrian Logue about golf in Denmark and England plus call local governments to account for their complete point missing when it comes to golf.

Links mentioned on this episode:

Ron Whitten’s excellent piece on course superintendents and mental health

Garrett Morrison makes a brilliant podcast debut as host on The Fried Egg with guest Bob Crosby. Listen here.

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