Ep 013: Risk and Reward

No maths lesson this week but a bonus Twitter video featuring an amazing golf shot to help get you warmed up for the weekend.
The US Tour is playing in Korea, the LPGA in China and only the European Tour is playing at home (which ironically is unusual for them) with the French Open at Le Golf National.
Our tipster John Evans has had his work cut out this week finding value in some unusual markets but you can’t fault his commitment and work ethic.
Check out the below video for one of the best golf shots you will ever see the read on to get the promo code for your discounted access to the Winning Edge Investments Golf Newsletter


As always on Episode 13 we reveal two to three of John’s picks for the upcoming week and why he’s chosen them and we’ll be tracking the performance of these players over the course of the year through the eyes of a mythical punter, Podcast Pete.
Simultaneously, we’ll follow the results of ‘Subscriber Steve’, who follows all of John’s advice every week, to see who comes out on top by December.
You can subscribe to the Winning Edge Golf Newsletter here (https://www.winningedgeinvestments.com/products/golf/) or here (https://www.winningedgeinvestments.com/checkout/622/).
There is a profit guarantee with all Winning Edge products for those who take out a three or 12 month subscription and for podcast listeners there is also a special promotional offer of a 25% discount for the life of any subscription to the golf newsletter.
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You can follow John on Twitter here (https://twitter.com/Evansgolf1John)

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