In the big picture, the most important thing to happen in golf last week was Linn Grant winning the Scandinavian Mixed event. We at least talked about that a bit before getting completely derailed – like everybody else – by LIV Golf and the turmoil at the top of the men's professional game.

Links mentioned on this episode:

Linn Grant’s win in the Scandinavian Mixed

Ben Coley for Sporting Life on LIV event:

Brian Wacker in New York Post writing about the 9/11 survivors criticism of the LIV players

Barney Ronay in The Guardian

John Huggan’s game report

Beth Ann Nichols for Golf Week views the LIV Golf news through the lens of Women’s golf

John Huggan’s piece on reaction to the first LIV event

Alan Shipnuck’s report from the first LIV event

Interesting perspective from Lying Four (Will Bardwell)

Derek Duncan’s “Every hole at The Country Club”

Fried Egg’s guide to The Country Club

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