Returning to one of Good-Good’s favourite topics – the role of media in golf – we return to one of Good-Good’s favourite past guests – Bill Fields.

Bill Fields maybe as close as golf gets to being graced with journalistic royalty. Among a list of remarkable writing credits Bill is a former editor of Golf World, a noted golf photographer (his photo of Larry Mize winning the 1987 Masters was the cover image of “Best Sports Stories 1988”) he is also the recipient of the 2020 PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism.

Having achieved all that, Bill continues to evolve with the changing landscape of golf media in which he now writes his own Substack – The Albatross – where you can get his writing delivered straight into your inbox every week!

Bill Fields Substack – The Albatross

Jared Doerfler’s Substack – Perfect Putt

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