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Unknown unknowns and the golfing road less travelled

Episode 10: PureGolf2010 in Retrospective with Michael Goldstein

The Pure Golf 2010 story begins with an end of hockey season trip to Cape Kidnappers, it is here that Michael Goldstein and his mate Jamie Patton cook up a whopper of an Overseas Experience scheme – 'how about we play golf every day for a year and travel around the world while we're at it'.

It seemed like a pipedream initially, however, as these two trainee solicitors scratched away at the initial kernel of an idea they received some positive reinforcement from clubs in New Zealand and Australia. The project was green lighted and would eventually include an eye watering volume of bucket list venues throughout NZ, Oz, USA, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UAE.

The fratenity of golf worldwide reached out to our two intrepid travellers facilitating private club access, accommodation (sometimes), home cooked meals, clothing and apparel.

Along the way they were helped and entertained by characters such as Jack Newton, Phil Tautarangi, Steve Williams, Sean Fitzpatrick, Henrik Stenson, John Ashworth, John Sabino and many more.

Over the course of their travels they successfully raised over NZ$40k for the First Tee of New Zealand.

This is the ripping story of PureGolf2010, we hope you enjoy the episode.

PureGolf2010 Youtube Channel –

Special Guest: Michael Goldstein.

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