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TalkinGolf was among the very first online audio offerings in the game and after an extended break we’re back. Rebranded as TalkinGolf History, host Connor Lewis focusses on the fun aspects of the game’s past.

TG History 20: Payne Stewart – The Whole Story

Twenty years ago this month the world followed the breaking news story of the unresponsive plane that crashed in an open field in South Dakota. One of the passengers on that fatal journey was Payne Stewart.
In 2019 author Kevin Robbins takes us all on a different kind of journey, the journey of Payne Stewart’s growth as a golfer and his growth as a man in his new book, “The Last Stand of Payne Stewart: The Year Golf Changed Forever.”
The TalkinGolf History Podcast looks back on the high points, the low points and the last journey of the three time major winner.
You can buy Kevin’s book at all good bookstores and on line at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, among others.
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