Episode 7: Steve Smyers

Old Memorial

Few living architects are better than Steve Smyers at combining an understanding of golf shots and strategy with holes that possess immense visual flourish. Based in Florida, he’s designed courses and played in top-level amateur tournaments all over the globe. He joins Derek Duncan on the Feed the Ball podcast to discuss how he’s always evolving as a designer, being the king of bad sites, what piece of equipment he’d change for TOUR players (it’s not the ball), the contrast between Dallas’s two newest golf clubs (Maridoe and Trinity Forest), how player fitness and athleticism has changed the game, what the increase in average shoe size of TOUR pros tells us and what fellow designer he’d pick as his partner in an architectural two-ball match.

Listen here to Derek Duncan discuss Tom Coyne’s “A Course Called Ireland” with hosts Rod Morri and Adrian Logue of the iSeekGolf Podcast.

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