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Tee for Two: the podcast for women in golf - and the men who support them.

Hannah Brown

Our guest on Tee for Two today is Hannah Brown, PhD. Hannah is a person of serious intellect, a person of reflection and a qualitative thinker on the world she sees around her. Hannah is also a fairly new golfer who speaks with relevance and authority on what a new player encounters as they enter the game.

Hannah has recently completed a paper for her MBA called Re-imagining the Game and Business of Golf in Australia Through an Inclusion and Adaption Lens, a positive-facing scientific analysis of what golf and the business of golf can become.

Hers is a unique voice in the game and one to which we should listen if we truly want to embrace and address some of the concerns faced by people wanting to start or remain in golf and see it reach its full potential as the game played for life by anyone and everyone.

Hannah’s insights are thoughtful, positive and humorous.

Links within this episode:

For further information on what diversity, equity and inclusion means, go to the website of the eXtension Organizing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: https://dei.extension.org/

For information on the two studies mentioned which showed positive implications for business profit through diversity, equity and inclusionary culture and practices, please refer to:

Diversity Matters (Hunt V, Layton D, and Prince, S 2015, McKinsey & Co)


Delivering Through Diversity (Hunt V, Prince S, Dixon-Fyle & Lee L, 2018, McKinsey & Co)


For information on Hannah’s MBA paper Re-imagining the Game and Business of Golf in Australia through an Inclusion and Adaption Lens or to receive a copy, please contact: [email protected]

For information on Golf Australia’s work in All Abilities Golf for golfers with disability, please go to: Disability Inclusion – Golf Australia

For information on Golf Australia’s work in Safe, Fair and Inclusive Golf, please go to: Integrity Framework – Safe, Fair & Inclusive golf – Golf Australia

For Golf Australia’s Mission Statement and Acknowledgement of Country, please go to: Mission Statement & Strategic Plan – Golf Australia

For information on Sandy Jamieson’s 1Club with which Hannah started playing golf in an ‘easy, fun and affordable’ way, for information please go to: https://www.1club.golf/

and for his story published in Golf Australia magazine in March 2020, please click here.

Hannah’s charity: https://catherinehouse.org.au/

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