Our guest today is Raj Narayan. Raj is one of golf’s emerging women entrepreneurs, coming from a corporate financial and management background to apply both analytical skills and social awareness to create an online business and networking golf club, the creatively named Emajin.

From someone who started out hating the game, Raj has transitioned into someone who not only loves it with a passion but to someone who wants to give back to it. To do so, she has looked at the world of golf, turned it on its axis to view from its many sides and then re-imagined it to fit players who for various reasons cannot fit into the traditional club model.

Today we’re going to hear of her journey through golf, how Emajin came into being and why traditional bricks-and-mortar and online golf clubs can happily co-exist in the golfing landscape.

Links related to this episode:

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Emajin Flood Relief Fundraiser Page (which is also Raj’s nominated charity): https://fundraise.redcross.org.au/fundraisers/emajin/fundraise-for-qld-nsw-floods-appeal

Khmer Sight Foundation: http://khmersight.com/

Article on women entrepreneurs: https://womeninindustry.com.au/2021/05/28/women-owners-coming-to-a-business-near-you/

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Northeastern University article on four types of entrepreneurship and tips for women to succeed: https://onlinebusiness.northeastern.edu/blog/types-of-entrepreneurship/

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