Old Tom Morris

Episode 41: An Afternoon with Pat Ruddy – Part 3 of 3 – Murvagh, Ballyliffin, Rosapenna and County Sligo

This is the final episode with Pat Ruddy, we take a look at his enduring relationship with the County of Donegal and it’s coastal links courses. Pat has worked on the links at Murvagh, Rosapenna, Ballyliffin, Rosapenna and Northwest over the years, he shares with us the how, why and what of those seaside adventures.

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Episode 12: The Long Golden Afternoon – Golf’s Age of Glory – 1864 – 1914

Today we explore the days immediately after the death of young Tommy Morris – what and who were the main drivers and influencers that facilitated the transposition of the game of golf around the world during Golf’s Age of Glory.

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Episode 7: From Feathery to Forge with Roger McStravick

In this episode we explore some of the history of the modern game of golf, how through a modicum of good fortune, leadership and a supporting cast of extraordinary golfers, St Andrews became the home of golf. Its’ influence then spread far and wide in developing the game of golf around the world.

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