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Unknown unknowns and the golfing road less travelled

Episode 7: From Feathery to Forge with Roger McStravick

Roger McStravick is a man from Northern Ireland who has been based in St Andrews for over twenty years, he has, so far, won the USGA Herbert Warren Wind Book Award on two occasions, for books focussed on Old Tom Morris and the St.Andrews Road War in 1879 (a war that involved a title dispute regarding potential encroachment onto the fabled turf of the old course).

I cannot think of many other people that know as much about St Andrews, Allan Robertson, Hugh Lyon Playfair, The Open Championship, the Morris', the Park's, Jamie Anderson et al (I've left quite a few protagonists out here I know).

Roger is the ideal guest to explore the genesis of modern golf and how an ancient scottish pastime has been adopted around the world.

We look at the history of the game and introduce some of the aforementioned characters that influenced the direction and the destination of where we find the game of golf today.

We really hope you enjoy the episode!

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Special Guest: Roger McStravick.

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