Tee For Two

Hosted ByKaren Harding

Tee for Two: the podcast for women in golf - and the men who support them.


Introducing Tee for Two, the podcast for women in golf – and the men who support them.

There are so many wonderful people playing or being involved in our fabulous, fun and
sometimes ‘challenging’ game. Everywhere we look, there are good people doing amazing
things, quietly. And they all have a story.

On Tee for Two, we’re going to talk with women from all areas of golf and with some great
guys who have our back. We’re going to hear what makes them tick in life and in golf – and
what we can learn from them.

We’re going to talk about serious stuff and fun stuff. Because golf is both serious and a
whole lot of fun. We’ll learn more about key issues like gender equality, engagement and
participation in women’s golf, diversity, inclusion and sustainability. And some of the lighter
moments in golf too!

Tee for Two is a unique podcast focussing on bringing women’s golf to the fore. Join host,
golf journalist Karen Harding, and let’s celebrate all the great women in golf and the things
we can do to enjoy the game, to share it, and to make it available for anyone and everyone.

Tee for Two is part of the TalkinGolf network. www.talkingolf.com.

Follow Karen Harding on Twitter: https://twitter.com/karenharding123.

Tee for Two is produced on the traditional country of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin
Nation in Victoria, Australia, and offers respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

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