TalkinGolf History

Hosted ByConnor Lewis

TalkinGolf was among the very first online audio offerings in the game and after an extended break we’re back. Rebranded as TalkinGolf History, host Connor Lewis focusses on the fun aspects of the game’s past.

TG History 01: The Why’s Of Golf

There are almost too many golf podcasts to count these days but for all the content – both good and bad – available in audio format none delve into the history of the game. TalkinGolf changes all that this week as hosts Rod Morri and Connor T Lewis boldly go where no podcaster has been before: back. Way back. This monthly podcast will cover every facet of the incredibly rich histroy of golf from players to architecture to clubs to rules to the implements we use to whack the ball around the field of play. And the best thing about it is that it’s not only fascinating, it’s entertaining, sometimes funny and always enjoyable. This is golf history like you’ve never heard it before and we hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much we do.
PS: One of the cornerstone ideas of this podcast is to have as much involvement from listeners as possible. We want your feedback – both good and bad – but more importantly we want your input. If you have questions you want answered or ideas for episodes don’t be afraid to get in touch. The easiest way is Twitter at @Rod_Morri or @SHistorians or you can also visit the TalkinGolf Facebook page and – if you’re into it – sign up to the Society of Golf Hisotirans Facebook page.

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